Plan an Activity-Packed Vacation that’s Fun for Everyone

Are you in search of the quintessential vacation destination tailored to cater to every family member’s whims and fancies? Look no further than Sebasco Harbor Resort. Situated on the breathtaking coast of Maine, our expansive 450-acre resort crafts vacations brimming with activities, promising exhilaration and amusement for all. Whether it’s the call of adventure or the allure of spa-induced relaxation, Sebasco Harbor Resort ensures everyone finds their vacation nirvana.

Endless Adventures for the Adventurous:

For families with an adventurous streak, Sebasco Harbor Resort is a goldmine of outdoor escapades. Venture on guided journeys through our nature-rich surroundings or embrace the aquatic allure with activities like kayaking. Whether it’s a family golf tournament at The Links, our 9-hole golf course, or a thrilling tennis match, there’s an adventure tailored for every thrill-seeker.

Relaxation and Renewal at the Spa:

For souls seeking solace and pampering, our spa emerges as a sanctuary of tranquility. Dive deep into relaxation with invigorating massages, facials, and body treatments that whisk you away from life’s hustle. Let skilled therapists weave their rejuvenating magic, ensuring you emerge refreshed and poised for more vacation delights.

Family-Focused Fun:

Family vacations at Sebasco Harbor Resort are about crafting shared memories. Dive into a plethora of family-oriented activities like beachside frolics, mini-golf challenges, and more. For our younger guests, the Kid’s Club is a realm of fun, ensuring their vacation is as memorable as yours.

Culinary Delights for Every Palate:

A Sebasco Harbor Resort vacation is also a gastronomic voyage. Our primary onsite restaurant, savor traditional Maine dishes, all while overlooking the harbor’s mesmerizing views. From fresh seafood to a variety of delectable offerings, our culinary creations ensure every meal morphs into a cherished dining experience.

A Relaxing Retreat for All:

Sebasco Harbor Resort promises an equilibrium of adventure and relaxation. From awakening to the serene ocean vistas to evenings under the star-studded canopy, your vacation is curated to etch indelible moments, fortifying familial ties and creating a mosaic of cherished memories.


Sebasco Harbor Resort is more than a vacation—it’s where varied passions converge, sculpting vacations brimming with fun for everyone. Be it the thrill-seeker, the spa enthusiast, or a family eager to craft collective memories, our resort unfurls an array of experiences tailored for every unique inclination. Reserve your spot at Sebasco Harbor Resort and brace yourself for a vacation interspersed with adventure, relaxation, and boundless family fun.

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