Meet Our Chefs: The Culinary Masters behind The Pilot House


The dining experience at Sebasco Harbor Resort is more than just a meal; it’s a culinary journey that transcends the ordinary. At the heart of this exceptional gastronomic adventure is our talented team of chefs at The Pilot House. Their creativity and passion for quality are what make each dining experience unique, memorable, and utterly delicious.

The Art of Culinary Excellence:

While the specifics about our chefs may be unique, they all share common traits: a deep-rooted passion for culinary arts, an unwavering commitment to quality, and an innate ability to transform locally sourced ingredients into masterpieces of flavor and presentation.

A Farm-to-Table Philosophy:

Our chefs are champions of the farm-to-table movement, dedicating themselves to sourcing the freshest local ingredients. The vegetables are as local as they come, sometimes even harvested from our on-site gardens. This commitment to local produce not only supports local farmers but also ensures the highest quality and flavor in every dish.

A Diverse Culinary Palette:

The Pilot House offers a diverse range of culinary experiences, thanks to our chefs’ eclectic backgrounds. Whether it’s a traditional Maine lobster boil or a contemporary fusion dish, our chefs bring a world of flavors to your plate.

Seasonal Inspirations:

The menu at The Pilot House is ever-evolving, inspired by the seasons and the fresh produce they bring. Our chefs relish the creative freedom to update the menu regularly, ensuring that there’s always something new and exciting for our guests to enjoy.


The culinary team at The Pilot House is the soul of the dining experience at Sebasco Harbor Resort. Their dedication to quality, creativity, and local sourcing sets them apart, making each meal a memorable chapter in your Sebasco story. Come, dine with us, and meet the culinary masters who turn each meal into an unforgettable experience.

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